PR PASS Workshop is committed to providing equal opportunity and fostering an inclusive environment in all its programs, activities, and employment. In accordance with 40 C.F.R 5.140 and 7.95, PR PASS Workshop does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

To ensure compliance with these regulations, PR PASS Workshop pledges to:

  1. Display this Non-Discrimination Notice prominently on our website, in physical facilities, and in all communications pertaining to our programs, activities, and employment opportunities.
  2. Review and update, as necessary, all policies, practices, and procedures to align with the principles of equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion.
  3. Provide training and resources to staff, volunteers, and participants to raise awareness about non-discrimination, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  4. Establish and maintain a procedure for receiving, investigating, and resolving complaints of discrimination, harassment, or bias. This procedure will be accessible to all participants and employees without fear of retaliation.
  5. Evaluate and monitor compliance with 40 C.F.R 5.140 and 7.95, and proactively address any identified issues to ensure ongoing adherence to these regulations.

PR PASS Workshop is dedicated to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive community that respects and values the unique backgrounds, talents, and perspectives of all individuals. By adhering to 40 C.F.R 5.140 and 7.95, we strive to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute to and benefit from our programs, activities, and employment opportunities.