We're currently in the field collecting data!

After a year and a half of preparation, design, and development of tools, we are pleased to report that PR PASS Workshop is in the data collection phase for the impact study of the Puerto Rico Recovery Program by Habitat for Humanity. The survey is available to participants from the following Habitat for Humanity programs:
  • Training Programs in Construction and Safety, such as Habitat Builds or OSHA courses
  • Home Repair Program
  • Home Acquisition Program
  • Title Program

The survey is also being shared with members of comparable communities that were not directly benefited by Habitat for Humanity. This comparison will be key to identifying impacts shared across recovery services offered by other institutions and to recognize what was distinctive about the services from Habitat for Humanity.

We are very proud of the work team that has joined this study. It consists of representatives from each Habitat for Humanity program, members of comparable communities, and university students who have undergone a training and certification process in the study of psychosocial effects of natural disasters. We also have human behavior professionals who help us provide a safe environment in which to collect data and experiences on each participant's recovery journey.

Those interested in participating in the impact survey can do so in several ways:

  1. In person with a home visit
  2. In person at a scheduled event where we visit communities to facilitate the taking of surveys and support recovery.
  3. Online - Previous online registration required
  4. By phone - Previous online registration required