As a social sciences organization that conducts disaster research, we come into contact, collaborate and co-generate knowledge with individuals who have suffered enormous losses and are marginalized by traditional aid programs. In solidarity with the communities we study and our collaborators, we provide our participants collaboration stipends for their time spent helping the project. These stipends are usually factored into our research proposals.

However, during natural hazard events, PR PASS Workshop opens targeted Natural Disaster Direct Assistance fund that is used to assist those we encounter in the field with direct monetary assistance. This fund may receive direct donations and will be channeled to research participants and collaborators. Individuals do not apply directly to receive these funds. Rather, when PR PASS Workshop researchers are in the field they visit and gather stories and are able to document the individual awards made. In this process an ongoing research relationship is also developed.

As a provider of public social sciences, if you are an individual or community that wishes to be considered to participate in the co-generation of knowledge regarding natural hazard events, their impact and the path to recovery, please contact:

If you would like to donate and help PR PASS Workshop reach those in need with direct assistance grants, you can do so by donating here. In return for your donation, we will share with you a report on how the funds have been or are being used.


Hurricane Fiona update

PR PASS Workshop was in the middle of holding community events and direct home visits measuring the impact of assistance provided after Hurricane María, Hurricane Fiona hit the Island. Prior to this research in February 2021 we had interviewed 86 individuals in 2 towns to better understand the relationship between federal disaster aid distribution, poverty and Covid-19. In total we have an estimated 300 participants at present and expect to continue to reach out to more over the months of September and December 2022.

Funds gathered by in the Direct Emergency Assistance Fund will be used primarily to provide emergency grants to research participants and collaborators. During emergencies and after disaster events, electronic and remote means of communication fail or are difficult to verify that they have remained the same. At PR PASS Workshop we invest in going to the field and establishing personal relationships with our collaborators.  To offset the expense of going to the field and verifying the funds distributed make it to individuals impacted by the hurricane,  15% of funds collected will go to pay for travel and logistics, thus ensuring the sustainability of this effort.

Donate now and help us provide direct assistance to individuals impacted by Hurricane Fiona and ensure that co-generating knowledge about disaster and recovery results in a stronger network for those in need.

Hurricane Fiona Giving in Action

  • PR PASS Workshop began the distribution of Emergency Grants to non-institutional members of the Puerto Rico Recovery Program Impact Evaluation Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is comprised of four participants of the Puerto Rico Recovery Program and 4 members of comparison communities. For over a year they have volunteered their time and talent to develop the Research Evaluation Plan and many of them have continued to undergo training and certifications to collaborate in the implementation of the research plan.  Their unique life experiences have repeatedly added value to our evaluation process. The Steering Committee members received an a $200 emergency grant.