Many non-profit organizations today face the challenge of having to incorporate new technologies and effectively collect and manage data in order to successfully communicate their impact to stakeholders. To make the challenge even more ominous, technology is constantly evolving and often times has different rates of penetration and use among stakeholders that work with the non-profit organization. Issues such as rights to privacy and security of data gathered are easy to overlook in purchase agreements of technology solutions or services, however, they are of utmost importance when dealing with the most vulnerable populations, managing donations or conducting research using online data gathering methods.

As social scientists and technologists familiar with the principles of social work administration the Puerto Rico Public and Applied Social Sciences Workshop offers non-profit organizations custom designed projects aimed at identifying the entity's particular challenges and opportunities, before developing a strategic plan that may address any of the following or a combination thereof:

  • introducing new technologies,
  • better data collection and management,
  • effective communications online
  • fundraising and donor relationship management online
  • program evaluations
  • integration of mobile computing into operations and services
  • development of online training resources
  • technology training sessions
  • review of state of the knowledge and best practices
  • review of competitive grant opportunities
  • assistance in documenting local evidence based practices
  • assistance in diseminating knowledge amassed and sharing impact news

Projects usually span more than one year, but no more than 36 months, and include the recurring support of interns throughout the engagement. The objective of each project is to work with the organization providing materials, technology and human resources development over a period of time focusing on the integration of technology and transfer of knowledge that will empower the non-profit organization to carry on with their own ongoing development.